Leaders for Good: SJS Senior Volunteers as Science, Math & Theology Teacher  10/02/2015

For the past two years, Yusra Ahmed ’16 has volunteered as a teacher at a local Sunday school for children between the ages of 5 and 7. Her job is to teach the fundamentals of science, math and theology.

Ahmed volunteers for four hours each Sunday, working closely with her young pupils to instill an understanding of these subjects. Initially, she was drawn to this service learning opportunity because she wanted to fulfill service hours. But, after a few weeks, she began to enjoy the experience and to form bonds with the children—so much so that although she fulfilled her service hours during her first year, she is now entering her third year as a volunteer.
“I could have chosen to stop then and there,” she said. “But, the experience was too much to give up. So, I have continued since then.”

“I love kids. I also wanted to make an impact on young lives,” said the dedicated sixth former. “The idea that you can influence the way a young mind makes his or her impact on the world fascinates me. I wanted to help these kids in a positive way.”

Ahmed credits Saint James for teaching her the virtues of selflessness. She serves as a Big Sibling, a Tour Guide, and volunteers for Micah’s Backpack. Wise beyond her years, she observed that those who take without giving in return are rarely satisfied, while those who give are generally content and happy in their lives.

“If I could give only a few hours on a Sunday to help shape the minds of young individuals who are the future of our generation, it seemed like something that could have a positive impact on not only the kids, but on me too,” she noted.

Ahmed aspires to become a pediatric psychologist. Until then, she plans to continue to volunteer in every way she can.

About Yusra:
Favorite Class: “Psychology. The way the human brain functions, and how the mind works is so interesting. The mind is such a powerful tool.”


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