Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

2015-16 Tuition
Boarding: $44,000
Day: $29,300
Additional Fees
Textbooks $500
Student Discretionary Spending $1,000
Academic Support (as needed) $4,500
International Student Support* $6,000
*First-year international students must enroll in International Student Support 
Financial Aid
In the 2013-2014 Academic Year, over 33 percent of the student body received a total of $1.6 million in financial aid. The average award for boarding students was $22,000; the average award for day students was $19,000.
Sending a child to an independent school is an important investment in their future and may require considerable financial sacrifice by the family. Saint James School encourages talented, motivated and engaged students to apply for admission despite concerns about the ability to pay. Financial aid is awarded to a wide variety of families across the socio-economic spectrum, including middle-class and high-income families with more than one student in school. If you are unsure if your family qualifies for financial aid, Saint James recommends that you apply for financial aid.
Financial aid at Saint James School is based on the financial need of the family, as determined by the School and Student Services (SSS), and in conjunction with the School’s financial aid budget. Because Saint James receives many more financial aid applications than it can afford to fund, student merit is also a considerable factor; however, Saint James does not award any financial aid purely determined by merit. Financial aid is renewed yearly (adjusted for changes to the family’s financial circumstances).
Financial aid is available to students of any race, religion, creed or ethnic origin.

First-Time Financial Aid Applicant Process

Returning Financial Aid Applicant Process

First-time Financial Aid Applicant Process (International)

Financial Aid Timeline & Deadlines
November 1- Updated PFS becomes available for RETURNING families
December 1- PFS becomes available for NEW families
January 31- PFS must be completed and submitted, with Saint James as a dedicated recipient (school code: 6514). First-time applicants must also have previous year’s tax documents (1040s & W2s) uploaded into SSS.
February 22*- All Financial Aid supporting documents, including current and previous years’ 1040s and W2s, must be uploaded into SSS for processing.
*Financial aid applications completed and verified with supporting documents after February 22 will be considered on a rolling basis, if financial aid funding remains available. 
Notification and Renewal
March 10- Families that have completed the financial aid process by the stated deadlines will be notified, in writing, of their financial aid award in March; notification will be included in the acceptance mailing.

Financial aid is awarded for one year and must be renewed yearly following the application procedure and schedule above.
Payment Schedule
An Enrollment Deposit of 10 percent of your tuition cost is required with enrollment agreement. The enrollment agreement is not executed until the enrollment deposit is received. The enrollment deposit is non-refundable under any circumstance and will be credited towards your total tuition cost.
Tuition at Saint James School may be paid in one of three ways:
Option A: Tuition is paid in full by July 31st.
Option B: Tuition is paid in two installments:
Due on July 31st: 60 percent of tuition cost
Due on December 1st: 40 percent of tuition cost
Option C: Tuition is paid in 10 month installments:
Due on the 1st of each month (May through February)
For families accepted during the rolling admission cycle, the monthly installments can still be utilized, but the first monthly payment must account for all monthly payments not made.
The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is used to insure that the School receives tuition dollars and to protect families from paying their full net tuition costs in cases of unforeseen withdraw from Saint James. Families using the TRP in effect pay a prorated net tuition cost if their student is required to withdraw. TRP is mandatory for Option B and Option C. TRP is optional for Option A. TRP is sold at 4% of your tuition cost.

Financial Aid - FAQ

Q: How long does it take to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS)?

Q: Does a non-custodial parent need to file a PFS and submit a tax return?

Q: Is it possible for a family with more than $180,000 in income to qualify for financial assistance?

Q: Are scholarships that are not based on financial need available?

Q: Is financial aid available to international students?

Q: Does applying for financial aid affect my chances for admission?

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